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Learning how to have a relationship with my body changed my life.

I’m Stephanie Somatics, a holistic body-focused mental-health practitioner, and I offer Somatic Healing. This is a bottom-up approach to healing trauma, unhealthy coping mechanisms, anxiety, and teaches you how to use your body’s natural wisdom as a sustainable healing practice.

I received my MA in Clinical and Mental Health: Somatic Psychology from Naropa University in 2019, and have been working with mental health since 2016. I believe wholeheartedly in this practice, because it changed my life. At a time when my unhealthy coping mechanisms were running out of control and driving me deeper and deeper into dissociation, I began working somatically to address the past traumas in my life. I discovered my body had been trying to speak to me throughout my life, but I didn’t know how to listen.

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I offer this work from a place of wanting to walk alongside my clients, and help guide them into themselves. This work is challenging, and will push you to grow, and I believe is the most rewarding and powerful gift we can give to ourselves and those around us. I believe your body has all the answers, we just need to know how to listen and follow its lead. There is power in being able to hear your own system reaching out to you, and even more empowering to be able to reach back.

I genuinely love this work, and feel so incredibly grateful to be able to offer something that allows people to find a sense of home within their body. I find a great sense of purpose in helping my clients create a sense of home within their body. While I am still on my journey, and my relationship with my body continues to unfold, I now have tools and skills to engage with the messages my body is sending. It has created a deep sense of self-love, capability, and patience that I feel grateful to get to share with others.

Fun Facts

I feel most alive when I am dancing.

My favorite animal is a tie between a red fox, and an orca whale.

I am an artist. 

I would rather be able to breathe underwater than fly.

I love salsa music.

I would rather be able to breathe underwater than fly.

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