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Join me on various platforms where I dive deeper into how the somatic approach works. From my own experiences, to what I witness in clients, these conversations will give you a wider grasp of how exactly Somatic Healing works.

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In this week’s episode, Stephanie Mara Fox chatted with Stephanie Scarminach, Somatic Intuitive Healer, about what somatic work is, how we learn from our environment to disembody, what supports with coming back into the body, very slowly, so you can start to cultivate more connection and trust within yourself.

What is Somatic Healing?
How Do you Make your Body a Safe Place to Inhabit?

Satiated Episode

From the Founder of Creating Safer Space and Creating Safer Healthcare, introducing Relationship As Medicine: Trauma Informed Stories From The Field with Shelby Leigh. Exploring trauma informed healing through the lens of relationship. Coaches, Therapists, Healthcare Providers and Facilitators will learn about the power of the therapeutic relationship in helping clients and patients with trauma to be able to truly receive the support that's being offered. This podcast is supportive for practitioners inspired by Embodied (Somatic) approaches to supporting people with trauma AND themselves.

Embodiment as Practice with Stephanie Somatics

Relationship As Medicine




In this episode of "Embracing You," Eric talks with body-focused mental health practitioner, Stephanie Somatics, about connecting body and mind through the use of Somatics. Eric and Stephanie take the time to talk about the disconnect that exists between body and mind, what the practice of Somatics can do to help strengthen the relationship between body and mind, and why it is important to strengthen the relationship we have with our bodies and the cues it gives us on a daily basis. Stephanie empowers listeners to foster a loving relationship with themselves by listening to and honoring their bodies. And allowing their own subjective experience be enough.

Connecting Body and Mind with Stephanie Somatics

Special Feature! Guided Somatic Exercise Audio

Embracing You Podcast

Friendship, love, humor, and honesty. This podcast is an incredible look into Stephanie's relationship with her dear friend Brooke. This episode covers psychedelics, relationships, friendships, and why integrating the body is the missing piece.

SOMATIC HEALING WITH Stephanie Scarminach

Budding Mind


Kiara and Stephanie dive into one of our favorite podcasts yet. Listen to them get real, speak directly to the listener, and understand how the somatic perspective helps us see our body as our friend. You'll hear mantra's, tools, and the answers to the big body questions!

Body Wisdom Podcast



Join Courtney Peritore-Montagne and I to discuss the real challenges of parenting your kids while you re-parent yourself. We look at topics like movement, trauma, and being gentle with yourself. 

p.s. we also talk about some good parenting books I like

Mom Interrupted Podcast

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A somatic approach to
parenting our kids, and reparenting ourselves

Curious about why your body responds in a way that doesn't always make sense in your head? Join Jackie Tann and I for this in-depth discussion about how trauma shows up in the body. We cover coping mechanisms, anxiety, trusting your gut, and so much more.

Bodies Built Better Podcast

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Our Body's Response to Trauma and How to Manage It

The Leo Yockey Show

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Your body holds memories

Join Stephanie as she reconnects with an old friend to explore the connection between the body and the brain. In this podcasts season finale, you'll hear more about the challenges of an empath and how to connect the dots from your body to your life.