Work with me and my team 1x1 to prioritize your healing process. Working together in this way gets you specialized and unique support that is catered to exactly where you are in your process. This is extremely powerful, but is not for the faint of heart. This is for client's looking to use their mind-body connection to tackle their trauma, anxiety, depression, or family challenges. Client’s will learn to use creative movement and tangible tools to create a sustainable healing practice that will leave them feeling confident and capable to continue growing even after sessions are done.



Stephanie Scarminach

Stephanie is a Somatic Healer who focuses on supporting clients in their healing and integrating of past trauma's. She specializes in generational trauma, and intuitive somatic tracking to teach her clients how to find their own guiding light. Stephanie's experience working with family systems, substance abuse, teenagers, and low income communities gives her a multicultural lens in her work and allows her to connect with folks from all walks of life.  tried talk therapy and understand the concepts of this work, but have yet to connect the dots within their body. My clients are ready to change, reflect, and more than anything, are ready to learn how to expand their ability to feel their feelings. My clients are typically working through trauma, anxiety, or unhealthy coping behaviors. They want to learn how to change their relationship with their body, their past story, and their future. 


Founder & Somatic Healer

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Associate Somatic Healer

Kendra Kemenyas is a Somatic Coach, Spiritual Midwife, and Ritual Creatrix who specializes in working with trauma, attachment, relationships, and eco-psychosomatics. She believes that a genuine, heartfelt presence holds the power to transform pain into healing. Kendra applies a person-centered, strengths-focused style, incorporating felt-sense, body awareness, emotional intelligence, play, humor, imagination, ritual, and movement with her clients. Kendra is passionate about supporting people in their journey towards vibrant health and embodiment. 
Kendra works with youth to adults dealing with a variety of challenges including relationship difficulties, life transitions, stress management, self-care, sex & sexuality, spirituality, and grief & loss. She is dedicated to providing a brave, nonjudgmental, and compassionate space for individuals to explore and expand into their body wisdom, innate healing abilities, unique gifts, and basic goodness. 

Kendra Kemenyas

Our goal when working with people individually is to teach them the skills to connect and navigate their lives on their own. We am here to reflect and support you in using the body-mind connection as one of the most effective and successful ways to get in touch with the unconscious mind. Make the decision to work with us directly to gain personal freedom, connection to your body, and a sense of trust in the world.

"Stephanie really takes me into my body in a way that I never thought was possible."

She is such a grounded and caring soul and the way she holds space is divine. I'm perpetually processing the immense growth that comes from each session with her. I've always been a bit resistant to any type of therapy, but my sessions with Stephanie are everything I’ve been looking for.

"Stephanie's blend of warmth and professionalism are the perfect combination." 

In the first months of our work together, Stephanie instantly brought calming energy that I desperately needed. Her gentleness and kindness are constant and somehow she melds those qualities with strength and reassurance. After several months working with Stephanie, she has become a powerful guiding force in my life helping me understand my past and how it relates to me now. 

"Working with Stephanie has been life changing."

From our first phone consultation, I knew she was going to be just what I needed as I struggled to unravel all the knots in my life. I look forward to each session, and although they aren't always easy, she somehow knows when to push me and when to let me have my space. Under her guidance I am learning to heal parts of me that I have never touched before, and didn't know how to. She's helping me find inner calm and peace and giving me tools to make sure I stay consistent outside of our sessions. So grateful I found her at the exact time I needed her!!

"I don’t know where I would be without Stephanie."

She continues to save my life in ways I never would have imagined possible. I am so happy to have found someone who just simply connects. Not only does she listen but she’ll make you feel like you’re someone who is worth listening to, she will interact and ask the right questions. Stephanie, you’re the absolute best. Thank you forever and always for all that you do.